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Our Service:

We are a broking service which enables you to borrow with the lender of your choice and comparing loans from different lenders. We offer:

  • Old fashion values in a progressive company
  • We take the stress out of the borrowing process
  • Contact us by phone, in person, by fax or email for your initial enquiry
  • Click the tab above, Loan Serviceability Check
  • We guarantee to get back to you within one business day.
  • Use our online calculators
  • Fast and simple loan submission process, in our office or in the comfort of your own home




Why Use The Mortgage Shoppe

Why Use The Mortgage Shoppe instead of Going Straight to the bank?

As mortgage brokers we are agents who act as your representative when shopping for a mortgage loan and can guide you through the process helping you get the right loan and features for your circumstances.

We are not linked to any particular bank or lending institution, but instead are out to find you the best possible deal. We will help you find the right loan with the right lender and because we are dealing with so many loan requests and banks and other lending institutions we know the options well, saving you time and money by leveraging our experience, knowledge and expertise.

We receive a commission from the bank or lending institution for organising the home loan. We do not generally charge for our services; the chosen lenders instead foot the bill. What this means is that generally you are able to leverage our knowledge and contacts, consider more loans and lenders than you would personally want or be able to look into, all without you paying a cent extra. In fact you will likely save money by doing so, as we may find you a better deal than you could find on your own!

So let's take a look at some of the benefits of using The Mortgage Shoppe versus going to the bank.

Save Time Using The Mortgage Shoppe

Whatever your reason for requiring a mortgage - whether it is an investment property or a home loan - we will help save you significant time and effort. This is particularly important for busy professionals in the Education industry.

It can be time-consuming work trawling round numerous banks to find a mortgage with the best interest rates, features and repayment options. By having us help you, you can leave all that hard work and effort to us, making your life that little bit easier!

We don't simply find you a great mortgage or home loan; we provide you with all the information to assist you along the way.

Expert Advice

Not everyone is a seasoned home or investment property buyer, so any help we can get is incredibly useful.

One of the great benefits of having a broker from The Mortgage Shoppe assisting you is that we can help you to compare loans and evaluate your needs and financial capabilities. This will include helping to establish your borrowing power and calculations to determine the equity you have in any existing properties, and various financial scenarios. We will then help you to establish a?mortgage with repayments you can afford.

We can also assist you in calculating things such as stamp duty and lender's mortgage insurance, if appropriate - sometimes it is good to have someone that doesn't work for the bank or lending institution directly who is very knowledgeable and can explain things from your perspective and help navigate and streamline any tricky or time consuming parts of the process. Further to that, because we primarily deal with teachers, principals, child care workersw, lecturers and other educators, we are aware of your needs, concerns and time restraints.

There are several types of mortgages and home loans that have different repayment methods and terms. Would a honeymoon period style mortgage work for you, for example? Would you like an interest only loan, what about an offset account? Let us talk you through your options.

Save Money Using The Mortgage Shoppe

When shopping for a Mortgage, every dollar counts - and with so many different mortgage and home loan options available it is worth taking the time and effort to get the best value loan.

Yes, you can get the same deals by heading into your bank to get a mortgage - however chances are you may be missing out on a better deal elsewhere that you wouldn't have found without The Mortgage Shoppe and there may be a bank or lending institution that you wouldn't have thought to look into who might have just the loan product for you - we will help you to discover these.

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