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Our Service:

We are a broking service which enables you to borrow with the lender of your choice and comparing loans from different lenders. We offer:

  • Old fashion values in a progressive company
  • We take the stress out of the borrowing process
  • Contact us by phone, in person, by fax or email for your initial enquiry
  • Click the tab above, Loan Serviceability Check
  • We guarantee to get back to you within one business day.
  • Use our online calculators
  • Fast and simple loan submission process, in our office or in the comfort of your own home




How It Works

When you apply for a loan with The Mortgage Shoppe, we have it fine tuned into a five step process. If the instructions are followed correctly the application process can be simple and fast.

Step 1: Qualifying for a loan
We will give you a strong indication if your loan application will be successful. All you need to do is call us on 1300 655 446 and a broker can make an assessment over the phone, or you can request an online quote by clicking the tab,Loan Serviceability Check.

Step 2: Choosing a lender and a loan
Choosing a loan can sometimes be very stressful, however, we endeavour to make this job easier for you. From our 25+ lenders we analyse the many and varied loans on offer and show you the best options for your lending needs. To start this process you can call on 1300 655 446 and discuss your lending requirements over the phone or request an online quote to suit your busy and demanding schedule. We will contact you and present to you a list of lenders and loans specific to your needs. Then you can discuss your options with one of our mortgage specialists.

Step 3: Complete Client Needs Analysis form with broker
This process can be done in our office or in the comfort of your own home (depending on location). This form is mandatory in the industry now, and is the basis of the knowledge we require to find a suitable loan for you and to complete the application form should you decide to proceed.

Step 4: Provide supporting documentation
To support your claims you will need to provide identification documents, pay slips and/or tax returns, bank and loan statements. These requirements vary from lender to lender. We will send you a checklist of the items you require for your application via email or fax.

Step 5: We submit your loan
Once we have submitted your loan, depending upon the lender, it takes up to 4 days to get conditional approval and 5 to 10 days to get unconditional approval. Once your loan is unconditionally approved the lender will post you the loan forms which will need signing. If you have any difficulties in understanding these documents, contact us and we will help you. Then just relax and wait for settlement.

Finally: Ongoing support
Once your loan has settled we provide ongoing support. You can call us anytime with any questions relating to your mortgage.

We also do annual reviews on your mortgage to ensure you are still in a product that is competitive. We are your broker for life.

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